Bitcoin On a Budget

Bitcoin On a Budget 

Have you ever thought “Bitcoin is awesome but it is too expensive”? Have you often wondered how to earn Bitcoins? If your answer was yes (or any variation of it); this is the article for you. Even though Bitcoin’s price has made a meteoric rise in the past year there are still options for those that want to get in on the action but do not have the luxury of thousands of dollars in the savings account.

The good news is that you absolutely don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to get a piece of this King Crypto, it is now becoming easier than ever to get paid with Bitcoin! There is an increasing amount of jobs where the monetary unit of payment (be it wages of commissions) is Bitcoin; which is, for lack of a better term, on fleek (I think the cool kids are still saying that).

This trend has exploded since the 2017 crypto run up with no foreseeable end on the horizon. This could be an indication that Bitcoin is on its way to achieving the purpose for its creation; which is to become a widely accepted means of exchange. If exchanging your money for Bitcoin is off the table, get resourceful and consider exchanging your labor.

Crypto Acceptance in a White Collar World

E commerce companies, freelance sites, affiliate programs and now even retail stores are beginning to embrace cryptocurrency as an acceptable form of payment from their customer base. If that wasn’t bullish enough, some of these very same companies are starting to pay their business partners in Bitcoin!

Whether it be crypto’s quick payment settlements, built in receipts or no declined transactions; does it really matter why? Bitcoin reduces wasted labor commonly experience in the traditional payment processing industry; and in business, less waste always means mo money (Biggie Smalls voice).

The business gods (that’s a joke, don’t get all righteous on me) have smiled on Bitcoin and the number of participating companies can only go up from here. If you don’t have money, don’t stress; with a little bit of elbow grease you can become a proud Bitcoin owner.

Get Paid With Bitcoin Online

Using one’s labor to earn Bitcoin is no longer a work of fiction, its is not only doable but is becoming more and more common. If you have skills and looking for work, search no further; here are the top ten ways to earn cryptocurrency:

1. XBT Freelancer

XBT Freelancer is an online marketplace that connects service providers such as programmers, writers, graphics designers, translators, and other required services of all sort, with potential employers who are willing to pay in Bitcoin. After account registration you may bid on projects that have been posted by employers (be it individuals or companies) from all over the world.

Begin by viewing the posted jobs that relates to your skill set and bid for projects against other free lancers. Upon winning a bid, you’re then permitted to proceed with the required tasks, and with its successful completion, Bitcoin will be paid by the employer via an escrow account. Funds are made available to you via the platform’s provided built in or escrow service .

XBT freelancers are allowed to make Bitcoin withdrawals from your earnings with a 5% fee; part of which is claimed to be dedicated to supporting activities on the XBT Freelancer network. The advantage of using this site as compared to others, is the fact that all freelancer payment outs and fund withdrawals are fast and easy. Please do your due diligence prior to participating and proceed at you on risk.

2. Jobs4bitcoins

Reddit’s very own Jobs4bitcoins functions similarly to XBT Freelancer and also pays freelancers in Bitcoin. Simply state your skill set/ work experience and the type of job you are looking for. You may also partner with other freelancer’s for projects that require skill sets you do not have in order to complete a job post.

It is highly recommended that you participate in and get paid through the escrow payment service offered by the platform, in order to make sure you get paid in full upon job completion. Jobs4bitcoin is growing fast, with more and more people discovering the platform each day.

3. Coinality

The very popular platform, Coinality, allows business interaction between employers and freelancers. The platform is divided into two sub sections: the main job board on, and a marketplace for pre-screened developers at

At this time, the main job board allows a reward of up to 0.005 BTC for employers who post active jobs. The developers marketplace has pay higher job reward (which makes sense for a very in demand skill set) and charges a 10% that helps pay for the continued screening and growth of the Coinality freelance network.

All payments are made using Bitcoin and a few other Altcoins (should it be mutually agreed upon) and they offer escrow payment protection / arbitration services in case a dispute arises between the Buy and Seller.

4. Bitcointalk

Created by the anonymous founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcointalk is highly revered in the cryptocurrency community. Its main function is one of a message board where cryptocurrency enthusiast can stay informed crypto related events and information. In addition to good information and discussion it has also evolved into a great place to source for cryptocurrency paying jobs.

Individuals, and project developers, and companies alike both use this platform to find crypto talent all while paying in Bitcoin. If you see a job posting the peaks your interest is important to asses the genuineness of the potential employer by conducting your own research through the sites user rating and review system.

5. Steemit

This is one of the most popular cryptocurrency paying platforms at the present. Steemit is essentially cryptocurrency social media/blog network which operates on an impressive user-to-user reward framework that pays users in Steem dollars for the perceived value you provide.

It works like this (1) you post an article, video or song or anything really (2) Your post is viewed by the Steemit community and can be up voted or down voted by each viewer based on the perceived value your post added to the Steemit platform. Up-votes on a post communicate that your post was valuable and Steem dollars will be credited into your account as a reward for that value (very clever in our opinion).

The beautiful thing about this platform is that there is absolutely no particular skill set needed; if you are funny, informative, good at drawing or making music; there is an opportunity to make money here. To date, Steemit has issued out rewards to ts community to the tune of millions of dollars, and the network is growing rapidly. Steem dollars can be exchanged for Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) through coin exchange services like Blocktrades.

Other Ways to Get Paid With Bitcoin

If freelance work isn’t really your cup of tea there are other ways to get your hands on some Bitcoin; check it out:

6. Bitcoin Mining

In Bitcoin mining, miners on the network are required to use specific computer mining equipment in order to complete complex mathematical equations. By solving these equations miners process transaction blocks which ultimately mints new Bitcoin into circulation. These mining activities require an immense amount of electricity ad computing power. Hence, miners can either operate individually or collectively as a pool to consolidate resources. Upon successful completion, the rewards are issued out to the miners according to the proof of work consensus algorithm. Click here to learn more about Bitcoin mining.

7. Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are growing in popularity as a simple way to earn Bitcoin online. They are essentially a reward system, typically in the form of an application or website, that rewards its participants with small amounts of Bitcoin (known as satoshis) in exchange for completing a simple task (such as a captcha).

Although, what you earn per the time spent little seems to be little, it is a valid means to gathering a substantial sum of Bitcoin over time. Some popular faucets includes, . Please do your due diligence prior participating in any Bitcoin faucets program; there have been scam sites created before. Proceed at you on risk.

8. Click and Watch Adverts Online

If you can watch TV then this is another great way to earn Bitcoin. There are advertising companies that would pay you small amounts of satoshis to watch click and watch advertisements. Similar to faucets, the likely earnings are limited, unless you are an advertisement watching warrior and put in some serious effort; However, over time the amount you accumulate can be significant. One of the most popular at this time is Ads4btc. Please do your due diligence prior to participating and proceed at you on risk.

9. Cryptocurrency Escrow Agents

This is another lucrative method of accumulating cryptocurrency using labor. Due to the numerous scams that plagued the Crypto community during 2017, in an attempt to improve transparency and overall investor confidence, development teams and ICO companies are using escrow agents.

This helps foster the general sense that investor funds can not simply be stolen away. However, this job function is rather limited in available candidates due to the fact that it requires a very specific skill set and a reputation in functioning in this capacity. But hey, if you fit the bill this is an awesome way to earn some Bitcoin.

10. Bitcoin Gambling

In case Las Vegas just wasn’t enough you can now participate in online gambling using Bitcoin. Just like traditional gambling using fiat money, Bitcoin users may also earn crypto. There are a number of bitcoin gambling sites where you can stake in a few (or a lot) of satoshis in hope of winning more. If you think lady luck is on your side go ahead and give this a try. This post is all about earning Bitcoin; however, using this method can result in you LOSING Bitcoin as well… so don’t act surprise if that happens. Please keep in mind that each state/country has its own laws regarding online gambling. Do your research prior to participating; we like our readers to NOT be in jail.

Once You Earn the Bitcoin, You Need To Store It

Congratulations on taking action and earning some Bitcoin, now you just need to keep it safe. If you do some research you will see that there are various types of storage solutions (paper, software and hardware wallets); but not all are created equal. Hardware wallets are the most secure and fool-proof way to protect your newly earned cryptocurrency from hackers (and other mean people); it is so simple it is the only type of crypto wallet we suggest here at BitBarricade.

We produce some of the best hardware wallet reviews on the internet for only the best products available; because we take our readers security seriously. Check out our Keepkey and Ledger Nano S reviews to today!

Cut to the Chase, Bro

As Bitcoin rises in price (and we believe it will continue to do so), more and more people are being priced out of the market. We all have to be open to the sombering possibility that, someday, buying an entire Bitcoin may be a luxury reserved for the very wealthy or large institutions. However, as Crypto catapults in price and popularity the number of opportunities made available to the community to earn coins is increasing as well. If you were late to the “buying” game, perhaps you can still be a pioneer in the cryptocurrency economy by being one of the first to be compensated in cryptocurrency.


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